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  • Hi again,can you please explain me what do you mean,beacuse i am confused.The plug in ecu is for the pressure map sensor that comes with the boost kit,the solenoid i don't know where to plug into.if you have a suggestion or a diagram it would be very helpfull
    Hey man, can I just ask you what Intercooler you have on your Glanza? Just saw a pic of your car in the track photo thread. I want an intercooler like that!
    bought EMU from this guy!was perfect,all orig box,instructions/manual etc

    3 bar map sensor aswell and 1p91 harness and was all packed brilliantly

    seriously recommended seller!!
    alrate dude ..lost ur number coz me died n was after droppin dat bumper off wit u for gettin it sprayed up seem as its finally here :) giz a txt or summats wen u can. U back off hol nahh den ?? how was it ?
    i dont know thw set up as i recently bought it, its a Lreg starlet gt turbo, i drive very concervative and fuel consuption is 150 miles to the tank.
    it has a fuel reulator on and an after market induction kit. the car has just been serviced millers oil, irdium plugs, oil and fuel filter all belts thermoist . regards
    nice glanza mate! ive a 98 glanza v myself and cud u please tell me how u got that outrageous horsepower out of the little beast?? :)
    alright mate, im from doncaster too, dont hav a glanza but i would like one!

    just wondering, do you spend much time at a pub called the eagle and child in auckley, as i always see a nice white glanza parked there, and wondered if it was you??
    sin your car today m8 in tickhill im working on them new massive houses near where it wo parked (think its your house) looks sweet!!
    hi im from doncaster just baught myself a white glanza. i saw yours at custon pipes getin forged. it looks awesome m8. jus wondering how much it cost you to get the engine fully forged? cheers kyle
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