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  • yea definately need a meet i need to meet other people with the baddest cars lol!! im taking it to a mates garage in north london, dont know the name but can get it - also was speaking to a guy on here and he has details of a good garage in essex that he recommended me so if you want i can try get the details for him? x
    yea i have got a black EP82, alloys with a red lip on them although they are in pretty bad shape!
    lol that could well have been me. used to go to college in Bury and would occassionally have a burn round bury at lunch times lol

    oh sounds like a load of shit luck!
    i know that feeling tho! have had endless things go wrong with mine aswell

    do you mind telling me what garage you taking yours to? need to find a decent garage to change the clutch on mine!

    but sounds good. will have to get a suffolk meet sorted soon. x
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