1. Z

    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    Hey guys I must sold my things for build up my project GT. Item For Sale: TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit external W.gate From WEPR in 321 steel Item Conditions & Description: Brand NEW 0 Miles only outboxing for the Pictures now. Never bolt it on. External Wastegate with Screamer and Tial Wastegate...
  2. dark_knight

    front-mounted IC cold-side plumbing toasting

    front-mounted IC cold-side plumbing getting rather 'toasty' i'm not sure if i'm the only one who experiences this but i find my cold-side IC plumbing at times gets really warm or even hot thanks to the rad fan exhaust that hits it squarely. it's possibly because of our rather high ambient temps...
  3. dark_knight

    busy bumble bee

    hey fellaz.. just thought i'd share what i've been up to. got 'meself' a new core.. :) also wired in that rad fan override that i'd been reading up on. you review here from pic 328..
  4. dark_knight

    copper fmic?

    i was looking around locally at fabricators who can build me a custom fmic - primarily because import costs/charges/taxes are ridiculous for me :( & they (fabricators) do splendid work as i've seen from other projects done. they did mention however that they would be using copper pipes with...
  5. dark_knight

    water/ethanol spray for tmic/fmic

    just picking my imagination. would this application be beneficial in any way on the starlet setup, whether you are a tmic or fmic'er for charge cooling..? :D