glanza v

  1. G

    "Sard analyze" ecu in my new 96 starlet glanza v

    Like the title says, I just got a 1996 toyota starlet glanza v from a company in atlanta,Georgia ( I live in the states) Among this ecu the car has a factory front lip/side skirts, TRD adjustable dampening coilovers older Blitz B.O.V. Cusco front and rear strut tower brace and "C" pillar...
  2. bender

    Aftermarket radiators, options

    Hi all, I am in need of a radiator for the glanza V as mine has cracked right where the top hose enters the rad. After researching I see many people are opting for an aftermarket civic radiator (besides save room) and am just curious why people dont just put another starlet radiator in like the...
  3. G

    Help On TD04 Glanza Conversion HELP HELP HELP

    Hello, i need a bit help on getting my glanza alot faster than what it is, ive read loads of posts and forums but none of them are accuarate. ive seen that alot of people go for the TD04 turbos of the subaru and thats now what i want to do. I bought the car a month ago pretty much close to...
  4. B

    how rare are they?

    Hi everyone, At the end of the summer I'm going to buy a glanza v. Hoping to get a white one, and 1998 or 99. I want one that's not modified or if it is very lightly. How hard would you think it would be? I think it could be quite a tall ask....... Also I'm in Ireland
  5. R

    Glanza V Chugging Problem! Help?

    Hi all, im new to this forum and thought you guys might be able to help me out on here. I purchase a 97 starlet glanza v about 2 months ago and had some minor problems with it but fixed them and got it throught the m.o.t last week. I have had the car on the road 2 days and now this has...