1. W

    Oxygen O2 Lambda Sensor to check my lambda sensor is working or not, 2.what will cause any symptoms? 3.4EFTE GT or Glanza and 4EFE all lambda sensors are same or? 4. also i need to buy a good durable lambda sensor for my starlet gt 4efte from online sites, have you guys tried online sensors? can you...
  2. T

    best way to replace knock sensor

    hello all, what is the best way to replace the engine knock sensor? manifold off? under car? alternator out? your experiences please. thanks
  3. x-MissEp82-x

    Need 27mm chrome knock sensor plug please - image below

    need this 27mm chrome nut plug asap please get in contact, petrol is soooooo rapidly going
  4. W

    Wanted 89661- 10040 MAP Sensor

    Wanted starlet turbo MAP Sensor As above im looking for a starlet GT/Glanza Map sensor. :( Looking for the MAP with the number 89661-10040 OR 89420 - 10020 Need it posted to Sri Lanka. Pls do let me know if any of you guys have. Thanks :)
  5. G

    Low Fuel Sensor

    Does anyone have the part number for the low fuel sensor in the tank? Time to get this sorted as I almost ran out of petrol again today. Taught it was the bulb at first but thats been changed and still no light at low fuel.
  6. S

    Lambda sensor

    Is there a way to test the lambda sensor, and to test whether the signal reaches the ecu? I'm boosting around 0.8 bar and when the engine is at normal operating temp(if I've been driving around for a long time) theres a lot of misfiring and hesitation. When the car isnt very hot or the weather...
  7. B

    Should my EP71 have an o2 sensor???

    I've got an EP71 with the stock 2e-telu motor. Its having issues with idling high and pinging under boost. At first, i thought it was the coolant temp sensor. Did a sweep test on it and its fine. Next i tested what i thought was the o2 sensor... but it turns out (pretty sure) to be a...
  8. Nippon

    Water Temp not working...

    Hi people. Noticed recently that the Glanza has been appearing to run colder than ussual. I thought this was just due to the colder weather we have been having. But now the stock water temp gauge is not rising above zero at all! Whats most likely to be causing this? Knackered sensor...