11.3 Glanza Santa pod . Irish built


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Made the trip to the pod
483 bhp in the car
Ran 11.3 had big slicks on 24.5 tought it was slowing me down with my speed trap but sure learn for next time
Few changes straight after for the Irish drag day in abbeyshurle 13 of sept so should be good ;) hopefully a Tweek on the map soon and should be well over 500 with the changes

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rlShMfLbZAQ 1:30 is my 11.3 run I think



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well i was only reving it to 7500 last time and this time will be around 8900:rolleyes::rolleyes:
wwat power band you think your gna get when your at 500 bhp haha


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im not concentrating on power figures but it will just work out that way
i might have hit 10,s if i had 23 wall slicks as would have got a better speed trap


nice car dylan...i like the FF set up :)

i am sure you'll start laying down some faster times as you play around with the set up. good luck...


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nice time :D what turbo and whats done to the head?
intrested to see whats needed to jump over 400 on my setup