14.503 Sec at 0.9Bar with standard 14 year old turbo -) and an AUTO gearbox -)


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What is standard? Just the turbo..?

I have a few mods but standard engine, turbo and the gearbox!

Zisco Manifold
HKS free flow exhaust
HKS Actuator
Toyo Front Mount Intercooler with a long route piping
Magnecor Ignition Leads
Iridium Grade 7 plugs
Oil Catch Tank
Relocated Air Filter with the AC


And other handling and brakes mods.

I use Dunlop Sport Fast Response tyres with 15 Inch JDM Rims, the petrol was 99 RON Tesco!
The car has full standard interior, big Alpine speakers and a small subwoofer, as well as Fully working AC.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the turbo has a cracked wastegate -) A massive crack out there!
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Yeah in all honestly i wouldnt of expected that either especially on an Auto! You got a good engine there! And set up works well obviously!

Thank you Dan.

The dyno prints shows full torque at 3K RPM, the compression test is very good and I look after the car with regular oil changes and services. Also after Tim from TB Developments installed and properly adjusted the new TPS the car felt a lot quicker than it's used to be.


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The video is in HD, so go to the YouTube directly to get the HD Quality!

Nice competition here for my Glanza -)


And this Supra either need another driver or there is something wrong with the car as we have almost the same time and he is running 400 BHP according to the driver of that car!!!



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that looks awesome for a standard turbo mate, look like you got good reaction time off the line too!!

Thanks, I had a few bad starts, but quite good overall. That civic on the video got the slicks on the front wheels, that explains his good time, he actually had 13.9 sec once.


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Another video just uploaded -)

This supra is not doing great either!