22nd June meet


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Posted on behalf of Eamonn

'~Right lads just putting this out for anyone thats interested:

Spin up to Newcastle, maybe few photos then head on down the coast road to Newry for go-karting. The karting costs £20 for 20mins or £25 for half hour.. no set date just wanted to see whos interested and what sunday suits everyone..

There is meant to be good weather coming over the next few weeks, so mite aswell make the most of it.. :D



Hope to get a run to Newcastle for ice cream again but no promises - I've a lot to fit in before then!

Think Ted was fancying a run too just to show off the new Cali but I'll keep you posted Chris.


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Okay Folks,

Taking over from Eamonn in organising this. Seems like a lot people have dropped out for the karting, so Eamonn cancelled this during the week.

Plan is to meet in Newcastle, Donnard Park around 1pm - Hookie can you organise that spot on the grass again? Apologies for the short notice.


When 22 June @ approx 1pm

Where Donard Park, Newcastle, County Down BT33 0SE


I need a list of people who are going.

1. Chris
2. Jay (passenger)
3. Eamonn
4. Chris Vizzio
5. Hookie
6. Marc Prior (MOT Depending)
7. A chap from GTTurbo - Forgot His name - apologies
8. SA15CR
9. Marc GTNI
10. Monty
11. RyanEP82
12. Parker85

If everyone on this list could confirm their attendance today, that would be swell as it will give an idea of whos actually going.

Meeting Points:

Belfast - Holywood exchange where decathlon & Ikea is would be a good starting point.

North Down - Most of us on the list have been to Eddie Irvines at some point for a meet, so I can meet a few there. This will involve traveling on the ferry from Portaferry.

Portadown - Eamonn has arrange to meet a few of you there, so I'll let him organise that part.

What Just going to be a casual meet, nothing exciting planned - spot of lunch.

If everyone could post below, confirm if indeed they are going and where they would like to meet.


Nice turnout yesterday although we missed a few people by turning up late. Apologies for that.

The camera is still rolling about the car so I'll upload a few pics tonight all being well.

Some very weird wagons rolling about that park, never knew what was going to turn up next!


Didn't have much room for anything fancy so excuse the clutter in the backgrounds and limited angles!

AlanE's powerhouse:

The greenmachine:

Ian's V:

Some randomer's MR2:

Mark's V:

The cleanmachine:

Rare blue V:

Some VIP:

Obligatory arse shot:

Cracking weather for a meet - not used to heat and sunshine!