342bhp TD05 16g

All the best with the parada's, mine were pish in anything but bone dry conditions, and your running a full hunner horse over me!
X2 there pish there side walls are for to soft

to be honest i think what ever rubber you buy your still gonna have issues with wheel spin...get a avcr so that you can get the boost to suit 1st + 2nd (+even 3rd )gear take off thats what i'm hoping to get done when mine gets mapped in a couple of weeks time:)

I'm pretty sure that option ain't avalible with starbos cant remember why but I did get told
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Im sure BBG can be done on the EP. Depends on the way its wired in. IIRC its sumin to do with what way the purple wire is wired in.
Always thought the Parada's were fine in the dry and wet! Suspension setup works wonders...