4EFTE Maintenance Schedule


Right, in relation to the 4EFTE and based on previous experience:

Every week : check lights, levels and tyre pressures/condition.

Every 5,000 km renew the oil. Further info
Every 5,000 km remove, clean and inspect the air filter, renew if required.
Every 10,000 km replace the oil filter - Further info
Every 10,000 km check the sparkplugs and renew if required.

Every 12 months check alignment and camber. Adjust geometry as required.
Every 12 months replace fuel filter. Further info
Every 12 months renew coolant. Further info

Every 24 months renew brake fluid.

Every 6 years/100,000 km (whichever occurs first) replace timing belt & ancillary belts - Further info
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