Anyone running the ME221 ECU from Motorsport electronics?


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Hi Alex,

Is there a solution to the ignition electrical noise spilling into the trigger signal, or is it still just a case of modifying the oem dizzy?
Also what about the above issues with the afr readings?

ps @dark_knight and @Glanza_Muzz are your cars up and running now or still are you still having teething issues?

Thanks guys

Greetings earthlings..
Sorry, I got a little too fat over Christmas from eating all the treats and couldn't do any sort of work due to sheer laziness.. hehehe
Now I'm back and still cleaning up lots of electricals as the engine management was just but a slice of the larger tasks getting done on the chariot.

I am currently at the sensor calibration stage having plugged in the ME221 and so far, everything seems to be reading okay and responsive. Will attempt a crank sometime soon and report. Will have it on video for review by future me.. but as for now, present me is looking at what past me did as I have fully customized my harness in every possible way and had forgotten some of the things I did prior.. :D