Apexi Avcr (Blck Edition ) + Apexi turbo valve + 3 bar map Sensor all 100% Genuine parts!!


Fresh Recruit
Apexi boost controller black edition genuine, with all its accessories is very little used and is given along with setup instructions.
What you will get
  • The GENUINE 100% Apexi AVCR in black colour (No longer on the market)
  • The genuine APEXI valve (turbo valve) a search on the internet will show you that it alone sells for 150 €
  • 3 bar MAP sensor Apexi for wiring
  • Setup instructions

All the above package 100% GENUINE PRODUCTS ΑPEXI AVCR ( Black edition ) plus 3 Bar map sensor Apexi plus boost valve Apexi
all in real exhibition condition minimally used at 380 € TOTAL !!!

Operating characteristics of the device

Boost per Gear
Boost per RPM
Scramble Boost
2 Boost Settings
Ghost Map Trace
Peak Hold / Memory Playback

One of the best boost controllers on the market fits ALL TA TURBO cars
easy to use, with the well-known reliability of the electronic products of the Japanese APEXI.

Any details or questions inbox or by mail grafistakos@gmail.com


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