Apexi Power FC


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Thinking of buying and mapping Apexi Power FC.

Now i'm running JAM A/T Ecu, but wanna go for Apexi.

by the way i bought blitz k1-200v turbo.

Also i have FMIC, 2,5 Exhaust, Aftermarket Decat and manifold.

So, there is the question, is it possible to get around 190 bhp with proper mapping with apexi power FC, or i should stay on JAM Ecu and it's not worth spending money...


Hey bro,

With those bolt-ons there's a good chance you could achieve your target, just a matter of seeing what that JAM ECU is up for..

If it were me I would fit everything and hit the dyno. The tuner can keep a close eye on fueling and listen for detonation whilst you find out what power it's willing to run. If the ECU doesn't deliver then you could explore 'proper' management like the Power FC as a means to squeeze more horses out.