Best Clutch For Stock Power?


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After about 11 years with my first GT its finally ready for a new clutch :)

Its always run stock power, still on its original turbo and boost pressure.

I not looked into units for stock ones before and putting an ORC in it is a little overkill.

Plus, as I use this for day to day driving sometimes its handy not to have a harsh or heavy pedal.

I think its got a stock unit in but without shuffling through the old paperwork I'm not 100% sure.

What one to put it? Can you get stock units from Toyota anymore and are they as cheap as some of the Exedy units that seem to be quite common?


ive used aisin and blueprint kits previously bud, for the Gt i will probably go for an exceddy racing one, had that in my Rep and it was great, bit of a nuisance in traffic tho but handy got used to


I've used blueprint clutches plenty of times in the past on varying power levels. Seem to hold up well and close to stock feel at the pedal.

Although TRD would be a good choice if you can find one. Would allow for power increase in future.


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Cheers guys.

Fensport still sell the TRD units looking on their website.

For the stock power whatI can imagine the organic Exedy ones are pretty much close to stock in terms of pedal feel?

Not bad for price two under £90 with the release bearing and cover.


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exedy do a stock replacement, and organic and a paddle.

the stock replacement is normally around £100, the organic and paddle are normally around £300

i currently have 1 of each (i have 3 turbo starlets)

the organic and paddle are harder clutch peddles and drive similarly. the paddle being slightly harsher.
I would suggest the exedy standard replacement if you are genuinly going to keep it stock. i have had a couple of times where the stock replacement has struggled to hold the power with a CT9 at 1bar(ish) driving hard, it never actually slipped though. but other than that, it has been spot on.


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I'll be keeping this stock until the engine goes bang, its only ever had an air filter and an exaurst fitted. Its always well cared for so it will be stock for a long time I think :)

The OEM spec Exedy units are only £80 so I think I'll chuck one of those in.
my Jay said
i'd go with the TRD sports/organic clutch and TRD pressure plate
i've run this from 2007/2008 till now on ct9, td04, td05 set ups with absolutely no problems...and the best part is that is feels basically stock---no juddering, no hard pedal, easy to balance in hills


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I would go for that but its a bit out of budget for me at the moment, have the other beastie to fix. The TRD ones are around £500 with the cover all in.


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I would also 100% recommend a TRD clutch. I previously had a spec one in and the difference is night and day for general driving.
Best thing would be if another came up for sale second hand but chances are unlikely :(
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I had a Spec unit on my forged one, bloody horrible clutch and made the car a nightmare to drive. I put an ORC 309 in that which is a million times better, gets some used to though but very good for 300bhp. A little overkill for my stock one though and pricey.

Shame is not Crimbo otherwise I'd have some spare coins for a new TRD one.


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I think thats what I'll chuck in it :)

I had a spec on my forged Advance and its was horrible. Some seem to be allright and others pretty horrific when it comes to Spec units I've found.