bonnet struts/shocks


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hey all.. seen this done on a car "jay" had posted up the other day and decided 2 do it myself and as its so easy 2 do i said id put up a thread about it...

Things Needed
1 or 2 boot struts/shocks (took mine off a crashed 92 micra)
4 good self tapping screws
tea :p

Step 1
yellow arrow points 2 where i bolted it 2 the car.. there is also a bolt here for the wing so handy out...

Step 2
lift open the bonnet as far as the boot strut/shock opens and place the bracket on the flat surface(as in picture below) and mark the drill holes with a pencil...drill the holes 2 whatever size ull need for your self tapping screws (1 size under 2 be safe) and screw the bracket 2 the bonnet...

i used 2 boot struts/shocks but one will do fine.. i took them off a 92 mirca as these had 2 bolt holes for either bracket.. most cars only have 1 bracket and a ball joint the other end.. thanks 2 "jay" once again for giving me this idea..very easy 2 do and looks well... :)


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Nice work:rockon:....i take it there off the boot??what about if your bonnet is raised will it stiil work do you know??


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So 92 to 96 shape micra will do? Nice work again your giving me ideas!

yup.. the facelift micra has different ones but 2 be sure just check them.. checked a 98 and only had one bracket with 2 holes and other side was a ball joint.. woulnt trust it tbh


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used the ones off my old mk2 golf (dnt ask why i had one lol)

but got them off the bay fairly cheap...

am still partial to the euro look :)