Car won't start



Havent started the car in over a year and tried it today. The starter turns great and sounds strong but she doesn't burst in to life.

It's been so long since I have driven a glanza I can't remember if I should be able to hear the fuel pump once I turn the ignition on, I think I should be able to??

Also I have a sard rrfpr with a fuel pressure gauge and it's not reading any pressure... Is this pointing toward a fuel supply issue?



Hey Dy,

I knew you kept this place running for some reason lol..

You won't hear the pump prime but you should be getting pressure on the gauge. If you connect B+ and FP on the diagnostic port in the engine bay it'll test the pump is working.



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My car was stood for nearly 5 years after fresh engine build it wouldn't fire up.
Turned outto be the walbro fuel pump went faulty, replaced with a new TD pump soon fired up.
it sounds like you have fuel pump/pressure/connection issues as the sard guage should read around 2.3bar/3.0bar depending on what you had it set at originally.

also, on a different note, you may want to drain the gas before you start the car if it is likely to be contaminated from laying for a long time


Is there a pump relay fuse on these like celicas? They fail.
Easy to check for voltage at the pump :)


Thanks lads, it is a walbro pump and I seem to remember a little hum from it when I fitted it many years ago, not hearing anything now.

Will have a proper go at it next week and see if I can figure it out.

@Jay I just need to have another 10000 issues and ask questions about them all and it will have all been worth it lol

Pic of the offending machine after power washing the green slime off it.


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With nearly 100,000 threads your chances are good Dy :D

The Walbro should buzz a bit but linking the pins will tell you if it's working properly. You can disconnect the fuel line and pump the old fuel out if you need to but I've stuff that's lay 18 months+ and haven't had fuel go off yet.