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Hey People!

The Chill Out Room is a corner of TGTT where all the jokes and stuff that you would like to share can be posted.

Use it to provide a few laughs and some friendly banter between each other.

One thing we ask - what is fun to someone can be offensive to somebody else and since this is an international forum, we have to have some rules or else ....chaos!

So here we go:

1. No porn
2. No racism (either jokes or articles)
3. No snuff videos or images (real violence etc)
4. No spam of course
5. No fights guys....
6. No reposts !
7. No gauging interest threads - please use the classifieds forums

If you have a problem or find offensive something posted in the chill out room, please report the thread and we'll handle it in due course. That's about all the boring stuff out of the way so bring us some laughter!

Above all have fun ;)
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