I've been looking for a while but strongly believe that good cheap coilovers aren't a thing anymore..

Used to be the big brand JDM stuff (Cusco/Tein/JAM/etc) was £1000-1500 brand new and you could pick up used sets around the £400-500 region that would last a few years if you were careful buying the right condition.

Then the lower budget versions like BC Racing, MeisterR and K Sport coilovers were released around £550 a set which made buying them over a used set of coilovers a no-brainer.

These days the JDM stuff is still the same kind of money but the 'budget' brands are all around the £800 mark. Used coilovers are an even bigger minefield than they were unfortunately.

If I'm gonna be spending pretty much a grand anyway you can bet I'll go a bit extra and choose a premium brand.

Just my take on it of course.

For the money the Meister's are the safe bet.


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Where you buy the MeisterR now days