Copper vs Aluminium gasket


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Which one is better? Its mani to turbo gasket.

I have been using the composite one but it doesnt last more than two days.

I have ordered the alu one but wont receive it anytime soon.

Can i use the copper gasket? Is it any good?

Some advice from people who have actually used these would help.



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You need to skim the mani professionally. Also you can put a little bit of special high temperature sealant. Standard Gasket does a good job.


I agree with the lads above, no gasket would do the job if the surfaces it sits between are not flat and that sounds like what your problem is.

You can remove the manifold from the engine and bolt it to a large flat solid piece of metal, then heat it until its starting to glow red all around the flange. Once it cools it will have flattened itself out a lot more and you should get a better seal. To imoprove it more you could get it skimmed after doing the heating.


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Thanks for the replies people.

I have changed to a temp graphite/composite gasket and so far so good.

Awaiting the alu gasket and then will go for a good skim and take it from there.