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Mk1 gt tubby

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Hi all,

Does anyone know what CV joints I need for my MK1 gt turbo? It has abs but is non LSD. Listing 2 different sizes. 23/23 or 23/30

Thanks in advance


Those numbers relate to the spline counts on the inside and outside of the joint. You will need to remove the old one to be 100%. Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to what is fitted to which year. Also it could already have been swapped out.

I find that if I guess which it'll definitely be the one I didn't order!

Mk1 gt tubby

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That's what I thought, but because I use the car for work I didn't want to risk stripping it to count the splines. No choice now though lol. Thanks for the reply
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just a thought, if he pulled back the cv boot, would he be able to see any of the splines on the drive shaft going into the cv joint and try to count them?