DIY dash - budget styling!


have been working on a little project for a while and it's finally done!
always thought my dashbord didn;t light up very clearly at night so i thought i'd change that.

items used:

x-mas mini led lights! (less than 1 euro... lol)
old 12v transformer (set to 3v that the lights use)
piece of plexiglass
white spraypaint

i copied the form of the dash dials on the plexiglass.
sprayed the back white
drilled holes around the edge (just outside of the visible ring on the dial)

soldered the 12v - 3v transformer to the back of the dash on the + and - of a dash light fitting




scanned the orignal dials onto my pc. edited them to my liking and printed them on transparant overhead viewer paper.
cut them out and placed them on top of the white dial cut outs.

i removed the stock coolant temp gauge and placed my wideband sensor behind the plexiglass. it's ideal to see the wideband readout right next to the rev meter!

and i used a blue marker to make the needles blue (quick/cheap/easy)

and for a bit of laughter: total costs of this was about 6 euro's
1 euro for the lights
2 euro's for the voltage transformer
2 euro's for a small piece of plexiglass (used about 10% of it lol)
1 euro for the transparant overhead paper

end result!