End of an era, I am breaking my Starlet!!!


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Well guys,

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my Starlet project, I never got to finish it unfortunately but I have totally lost interest, spent way too much and got nowhere with it. I had great times with the car before the project started but I have finally given up!

Everyone on here knows it has been a long project, lots of hard work and money, you have all seen the pictures I'm sure!

Just want to say a massive thanks to the traders, members & everyone else at ToyotaGtTurbo.Com for the years of fun, info, parts, etc.. I have met some great people here and I am sure I will keep in contact with most of you.

Peace Out & Happy Driving!! :drive:
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Well, Enjoy writing a new chapter, whatever you pursue.

are you moving to a different car or moving out/moving house?

might even be tempted by any bargains you've got going :)

any big brakes up for grabs?



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Cheers Phil,

I only have a set of front EBC grooved & dimpled discs with EBC Yellow Stuff Pads mate, if they are of interest to you?

No plans for next car as of yet, staying away from the jap scene for a while I think. Friend of mine has a 106 GTI so I might take that as a run around for a while.. :)


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your reclaiming your life and getting past being fixated by cars and forums... fair play lad...
I`v kinda done the same, but not broke the car thankfully, just put it on the complete back burner so i can well... live life