Engine problem


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Hello everyone

my engine has recently started playing up, 1st of all i noticed a week ago my oil light has started showing up when car has heated up normally when sitting on idle when the revs increase it goes away, then couple of days ago my car started spluttering and kept conking out so took it to my uncle and he said the dump valve has stuck open so removed it and car was going fine after that, but today it has started doing the same thing spluttering and when i try to give it bit of juice to keep it from conking out it keeps jumping, have any of you guys experienced this before? or have a clue what might be causing it?

Thank you!


What dump valve do you have fitted?

Also check oil level, quality and if the pressure sensor wiring is secure and undamaged.


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Get a cheap oil pressure gauge with sender unit. Confirm oil pressure.
Do NOT drive the car.
How often do you change oil? What oil and what is the temperature like where you live?