EP meet aftermath and pics thread


Thanks to everyone that came along, especially the northern lads for making the trek down.
Not a bad turnout after, 17 cars I think I counted out of 35 names down though!

First spot was fecking freezing but we waited til near 4 o clock and then headed over to lough ennel. Was cool to look back and see 16 ep's coming down the road!
Lough Ennel wasnt much warmer but we stayed for a while and then people started to make there way off about half 5.
Some nice cars there, especially Browners 5door EP71, FrancyGlanza's V and Jay's Hyper Rev GT.

Thanks to Mikey-H for organising this

Next time we have a meet make sure its in the summer!!

Pics taken by friend of mine. Check out Doo Photography on facebook!

Some for Jay! :p

The three generations of Turbo Starlets!

And a quick few on way home with one of the lads Advance



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only back in a glanza a few hours otherwise i would have went, looks like a good turnout and a good standard of cars!


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very nice, hope to return to this thread tomorrow at some stage for a further nosey :)

good work fellas, ill be there next time ... maybe lol



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Nice pictures mate and all lovely looking EP's. I have been attending quite a few meets, make an effort to go, no matter how bad the weather, but this year's rain and winds have been very bad. Sun shining + meet = Winner and hope to see alot of them later this year.


Great gathering of Toyota's, I should have a few shots to share once I get back to base. Full props to the organisers - it's a tough job getting these things together so they all deserve full credit for the effort involved!

Roll on the next one!


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some lovely starlets was at this yesterday...I enjoyed the wee road trip down already looking forward to the next one...some nice photos took aswell


Okay, here's what I spied with my little eye..

I had to transform this:

Into something like this:

Then go meet these comanches :

We then made our way down south:

To meet our southern brothers!

I particularly enjoyed this hidden gem:

Then it was a mega EP convoy to site two for more pictures and less wind:

During this run she skipped past the 130k marker:

Then at site 2:

Then it was time for cold beer, a good sleep, a big breakfast and a long blast home!

SERIOUS thanks to Galen, Mikey, and anyone involved in the organisation of this one. Cracking day out to see a great standard of cars and also a chance to meet both fresh faces and the battle scarred veterans!

Hope I got to chat to most of you, if not I guess I'll have to sort that out at the next one!



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Such a great day lads really enjoyed it and the drive down big thanks to the organisers and big tanks to the camera men sum brill photos there jay boy roll on this next meet!