EP82 Sunroof Removal


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Hi, I was wondering if there is a procedure in removing the sunroof from my 1990 Mk1 GT Starlet EP82.
I have removed the headliner and was able to remove the sunroof(glass on top) as well. The gears are stuck and the motor cannot seem to open it with all the rust.


I'd need to examine the last one I took out of a breaker. There were quite a few bolts and its bonded to the roof which was difficult to remove too. Did come out in one piece though.

Will check and report back.


No experience with starlet sunroofs but normally there would be a manual backup in case off electric failure, it would be an Allen head or a flat screwdriver head, normally in the roof behind the switch, if it's the same as the celica ones you can try working that back/forward to try free it up.
Is the moter definitely working ?


Found the original 1990 workshop manual if it helps. Google translate is your friend :