EP91-AGMQY Fog Lights


There's a P21 bulb in the bottom of the rear tail lights with only 1 connecting wire.

By soldering in an extra wire you can make use of the bulb as a fog light(s).

thread the wire back to the driver foot well..connecting both lights to the same wire..

Just behind the low turbo button there's a plug that's not connected to anything

At the first and last positions on the plug the green wire with a silver stripe has a +12v with the side lights on and the black and white wire is an earth , very handy.

Add in a fuse and a toyota fog switch..

- OFF -

- ON -

The illuminated switch, Toyota part number 00550-35976
Holding the switch with the indicator light at the top, you will see three prongs on the back of the switch.
* Top prong should be connected to the ground wire
* Middle prong should be connected to the "hot" power wire
* Bottom prong should be connected to the wire for the relay
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