Ep91 Blitz access ECU


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can anyone confirm is all of the blitz access ECUs were programmed the same for an EP91? did certain variances require bigger injectors or made for a specific turbo setup, i.e ct9, k1, k24, k26?


Legend has it there were variations. How to determine this sort of thing from our perspective is a mystery but I've seen enough P&P ECU's on the wideband to know that some work well, others not so much.

I haven't seen anything from Blitz themselves to suggest a 'tailored' approach to ordering an ECU to suit an individual car (well none that I can remember) but I've seen them sell turbo kits with an ECU as part of the package. This would make a lot more sense than introducing the variables of turbo/cooler/fueling/etc/etc involved. Info is very thin on the ground unfortunately.

From memory Grzyor on here bought a K1 kit that was like that.
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I was always under the impression that ECUs like blitz, toms, jam etc where all specific too turbo kits designed for them ?
Every day's a school day in starlet land tho :cool:
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