Fitting 3 Bar Map Sensor


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I've only ever fitted MAP sensors when installing HKS F-CON and they come as part of the wiring harness (pre-wired) so I've not wired one firsthand.

In those cases it's a piggy back so probably not relevant to your setup anyway.

Which standalone are you using?


Far as I know the ME221 uses the existing wiring loom, I'd let the tuner do it if your not sure bud. Be interesting to see how it performs and the options it has :)


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I ideally just want everything fitted prior to getting there, so the tuner can get on with mapping and teething issues :)
If not, my car will have to be there a while due to how busy he is.
Yeah, mega looking forward to seeing how she drives after remap.

Feels like a totally different beast after the custom 2.5inch fmic pipes . Td04 spools up like a ct9 now haha


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I spliced the wiring of the new map sensor into the stock map sensor wiring and used the same vacuum hose to the new sensor. Note the 3 bar map sensors won't work with a stock ecu.