flywheel differences?


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has anyone noticed differences between the flywheels of different years at all?

these differences seem to be very small, but they are there.

i have 2 flywheels; 1 is from my mk1 GT, but i believe its had a swapped engine from an auto as some bummer had fitted the auto spacer plates and shorter auto flywheel bolts which only screwed in about 3 threads!!!!
the other flywheel is either from a GT or an EP85, i cant honestly remember.

according to toyodiy (epc) the flywheel should be the same for all 4efte engines from the mk1 GT all the way through to the last glanzav as well as all ep85 and ep95. so in theory the flywheels should be identical.

the flywheel i removed from my GT weighs 6.16kg and the other weights 6.36kg. the one i removed from my GT has been skimmed before, so was expecting it to be a bit lighter. it is also a tad thinner overall!

i was wondering whether an n/a flywheel was used which is very slightly lighter perhaps? i cant see any reason behind the 20g difference in weight as i wouldnt have thought it would make a difference?
isn't the 4efe n/a flywheel smaller in diameter? if memory serves me, the 5efe is 200mm, i've not had much dealings with any 4efe engines so i have to ask the question.... 200mm vs 212mm 4efte flywheel???
i've not really paid much attention to the stock 4efte flywheels over the years, i always figured they were the same and they always "looked" the same.

20g doesn't seem like a whole lot, could be a combination of the original machining process at Toyota, slight batch manufacturing differences, your own skimming, etc,


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The ep85 and ep95 4efe flywheel and I assume clutches are the same as a GT and glanza.

The normal 2wd 4efe and 5e are different.

There are a few small physical differences between the 2 flywheels, but nothing major. It could simply be machining differences between years etc.

To most people, the flywheels are identical. It's just the small differences I have noticed with them next to each other that I find odd.
Wasn't sure if anyone had any insight into what why they were different?


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The only thing I've noticed in all these years of throwing 4e flywheels about is that (as you say) sometimes the machining marks are different on the back. Not sure how many I've got here but next time I'm going through the pile I'll cast my eye over them again. I've never weighed them in the past so can't comment on that side of things yet.


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well i got them both refaced anyway. i decided to install the most worn one, so will see how it all goes!

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