forged pistons and rods, and headgasket and headbolts!

cheers guys, after 74mm pistons of any type which must come with rings, and rods which must come with bearings, and after a headgasket too and headbolts or just a front headbolt as mines nackered, cheers!

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hi again, might i say these must be 2nd hand and not over £400, cheers.
Are you wanting to use a Secondhand Headgasket and Headbolts? 100% not advised really, if you want any advice or need any help just drop us a email we're happy to try and help you out.

Many Thanks
~Nick @ Tuning Developments LTD
thanks nick, well im going to use 2nd hand pistons and rods, headgasket toyota new as theyre the best so ive found out from experience. just need 1 headbolt as 1 of mine has nackered threads :(