**Full Guide To Importing A Car From Japan**

Hi All,

Seen a few new people wanting to know the in's and out's of importing from Japan, so thought would create a thread on what I know and maybe you can add bits to it if I leave anything out.

1)Find the car you want and RESEARCH THE COMPANY!!!
2)Then email company and discuss price and any other mods
3)If price is agreed the company will send you an invoice with their bank details on it.
4)You sign it and fax it back then you go to your bank and ask them to do a money transfer for the price of car.
5)The importer will then confirm payment and book the car on the next boat over and tell you when it will arrive roughly and the boat name etc. (you can phone the docks and they can give you regular updates)
They will then send you the documents for the car in the post any service history, de-registration documents etc
6)You will also need 'The Bill Of Lading' document which the importer will send you(If you dont have this then you dont get your car in the docks).
7)Then you have to arrange to pay customs you can either do it yourself or pay a custom broker to do it for you (which is handy) You will have to pay 17.5% VAT & 10% Duty in UK, In Republic Of Ireland slightly different 21% VAT & 10% Duty. Here is an example of how it is worked out: Car costs £3000, so you take 10% which is £300, add the £300 to the £3000=£3300 then take 17.5%/21% of that and add that on which is £3877.5/£3993.

Thats the car paid for but there is more as usual,
8)You will have to get a recovery truck to take the car to your house or you could get insured on it and ask the cops if its ok for you to drive it without MOT/NCT and Tax.
9)If the car is 10 years old or more then you dont need to go through the SVA test but if its younger than 10 years then you will.

You will then have to do the following in this order:
10)Get the car insured using the chasis number
11)Book your MOT/NCT and drive the car to it and pass
12)Then go to get the car registered and plates (you will need the de-registration document, translated into English)
13)Then Tax the car
Now your good to go, but know doubt that you'll be spending more money in no time for mods because its addictive especially in Glanza's & GT's. :p

One bit of advice please either research your importer or ask on this site for advice on importers because some people get burnt bad.
Thanks Christy


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Very Very good advise there, Thats exactly the way I did it :) This should probably be made a sticky
Aye didnt know where to put it, still trying to get my head around the site and how it works. Aye hope it helps a few people because I wish I had all this knowledge about importing before I did it :) But if a mod or anybosy wants to move it for me that would be great.


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Very good advise there mate, id have liked a write up like this when i was looking for a :gt-smilie: but i had to settle with an already imported 1.
Very good advise there mate, id have liked a write up like this when i was looking for a :gt-smilie: but i had to settle with an already imported 1.

Lol aye me 2, I just went for it with a bit of research it was grand, thanksfully I got a good importer who I will recommend a guy called Yas who ownes Monky's Inc. Dunno if I can do this and if im not allowed then mods feel free to remove it but his email address if your interested in importing a car is office@monkys.jp
Yeah Cooch there asre some real beauties.
To be honest I couldnt recomend anyone else as I only deal with Monky's Inc they are fantastic and I would say I couldnt find a better service and they also know what they are doing when it comes to cars as I got a few mods fitted to my car before it was sent. Im sure someone else could recomend another importer??? I here that www.Glanza.co.uk are good also I think Toby at Toy Tuning has a 1999 Glanza for sale very nice to :p