glanza automatic transmission in a n/a car

hail all, does anyone know if a glanza/turbo automatic transmission would work in a naturally aspirated starlet (non-turbo)? that's my first question

now this is where is gets sketchy, as i have to try some speculation/inference as the specific car is am referring to is an automatic toyota tercel which has in a carburetor 2E engine but the automatic transmission has died. For those not familiar with the toyota tercel EL40, it would be equivalent to a 1990/1994 ep82/starlet/ cynos/sera/paseo--- kind of similar cars engine/transmission/electrical wise but different bodies

from the looks of it, the both transmissions look similar in terms of fitment, but what about the electrical plug connection, engine mounts, etc?? is there anything else we need to consider? i suspect the final drives and gear ratios may be different, but how different i don't know, would it drive like a pig?


Have you the boxes side by side yet bud ? Shouldn't be hard to work out if it fits then, measure input shaft, spline count etc. I've seen folk check bellhousings before by tracing round them on a board.
I'd like to think it would be a straight enough fit, tho it isn't Toyota........:rolleyes:
one transmission it out (glanza) while the tercel's transmission is still attached to the engine in the car
i have no doubt the transmissions are physically interchangeable (transmissions, in-borne joints, shafts, etc) as they are all E series engines and look that way from a casual inspection

its more the electrical & plug connection that has me concerned and if it will be a comfortable driving experience.
i'm not really into automatics and i have no idea what all the electrical stuff does on the transmission---would it even operate without the electrical input or if not hooked up properly? Is it controlled by the stock ecu or a separate transmission ecu? some of the many questions that cross my mind.


Jay can verify if they auto has a "gearbox ecu" but I'm near sure its controlled by the speed sensor circuit, plugs maybe different but as long as theres the same number and wires etc it should work in theory bud


Bit of an unknown to be honest. I can only comment on changing the turbo version and got lucky with a glanza V autobox locally. Connections all were the same between GT and V thankfully.

I know the NA boxes are three speed and the turbo versions are 4 speed (3 plus overdrive) and also have the electronic transmission control as well. Pretty big considerations you would think.

From what I can see the engine ECU on a GT controls the gear selection based on RPM, vehicle speed and pedal input.


So Gorgan would possibly need the glanza ECU too then. Part no,s and pin out diagrams be handy if available :)
i was really trying to help out some friends...i have a spare auto ep91 transmission laying around from my manual conversion years ago,,, they have a broken transmission in a toyota was hoping it could work for them

it seems that apart from the fairly easy fitting that this could be a lot of hassle for them in all other areas

and this tercel is carburetor, so i doubt it has any major electronics/ecu


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Just have a look at all the electrical plugs on both boxes. If the y are not identical then its a no go.
If they fit then maybe you will be lucky with the software.
Is the starlet auto at the moment?
wiring/electrical plugs are different between the ep91 and tercel,..the ep91 transmission has more connections/pins

the car in question is a toyota tercel and its automatic,,,,, i just used the n/a starlet as a close "reference", as i don't think the tercel is popular in the UK??...i hope that sorts any confusion


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I can shed some light on this I have a auto ep91 factory turbo but that motor blew and all the 4efte stuff is now on a 4efe block. Auto like it always was it goes fine I’m weary of giving it some pedal but how it drives it’s all working. Apart from the ac last owner ditched it. I’m semi sure that mid 90s most car companies made the one loom to suit all with maybe auto manual being the only plug different and a few extra wires here and there. I’ve found in mid 90s toyotas things like rear speaker plugs where hidden but there.