Glanza ep91 power steering vs n/a ep91 power steering

hail all,
i have a query that hopefully someone knows for sure.
is the the n/a ep91 power steering rack interchangeable with glanza ep91 power steering rack?---direct swap, minor/easy mods, impossible??
they have slightly different part numbers, but from the pictures they look the same :confused:?!

i have the chance to get a good condition n/a ep91 power steering rack for cheap and i don't want to miss this opportunity if it can work on my glanza.

as well, glanza ep91 parts, even turbo ep82 parts, are very hard to get locally, so anything that i can get from the n/a model that works is a bonus for me.
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If its cheap enough buy it.

Should fit a glanza with minor fettling. The ep80 differs from the ep82 at the steering column connection so expect something like that. Should do as backup if your current rack gives bother.
i was doing some searching,,,found this on ukso any chance is there a difference between these power steering rack/column joints?---length, size? Or are they interchangeable? I have to ask these questions, as i know how it is sometimes with finding surprises in the middle of a job on the car :oops::mad::D.

i plan to get some new coilovers (hopefully someone get some on stock soon). I already have new ball joints, rod ends, rack ends.
If this n/a power steering rack can fit my glanza, then i may change it out one time as its in great condition and i will have more space to do it with the suspension off and out the way.

i currently run a much older and more used turbo ep82 power steering rack in my glanza (the original leaked and had to be replaced and the turbo ep82 rack was the only option at the time) the idea of a fresher n/a ep91 rack is enticing once it can work

starlet joints.jpg
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