Rabs green 1 fresh from paint then sadly got broke after finding chassis damage :(
I had a brave lot off it when the time came


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For someone with the time all those issues can be put right.

If I had the free time I would love to bring it back to rights :)


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It was roughly 200 miles away,spoke to my mate last night regardin space in unit ,well it saved me time & space :D


If I remember correctly he only found the damage when they started stripping it for paint (he was only spraying the bumpers and lower panels). Wasn't bad enough to affect the daily driving of the car but being structural, it may not have held up in an impact.

It bothered him that much he broke the car rather than risk putting anyone in danger.

Fairly certain it was drivers side chassis rail/strut mounting that was the issue but he can confirm next time he's on.


It was when he took the bumper off to fit a front mount he noticed it I think from memory
Yea driver side chassis had took a knock to the front and it effectively weakened the leg area to warrant breaking it :(
He had it a brave while and it sailed the mot every year