How to jack up a car - by Monkfish


Sounds simple but it's worth noting the safety tips in this writeup.

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OK, so you're probably thinking "Why am I writing this?", but it's surprising how many people don't jack up cars properly and work unsafely, so I thought I'd write this quick guide to jacking up a car safetly :)

Follow these simple points to make sure every time you work on your car, you work safetly.

-Make sure the area you are working in is flat, with no obstructions under or around the car.

-Slacked off the relevant wheel nuts before you jack the car up

-If you are working on the front of the car, ensure the handbrake is securely on. If only jacking up one side, chock the opposite rear wheel with something sturdy (A housebrick is ideal). If working on the rear of the car, chock both front wheels and ensure the car is left in reverse.

-ALWAYS Use a sturdy trolley jack. Check it is not damaged, leaking oil or has any bolts/circlips missing. **Top Tip** Use a small block of wood with a slot cut in it to prevent the jack damaging the sill.

-ALWAYS use axel stands. Jack the car up high enough to allow access and the get the axle stand under the sill. Once the axle stand is in place, gently lower the car onto it. Repeat with the other side if necessary, being wary of the other stand as they can tip up, causing the car to fall off it.

-NEVER work under a car with only the trolley jack

-NEVER take unecessary risks

-When you have finished the job at hand, clear all your tools away, checking underneath the car for any tools/objects that could damage the car/tyres when it is lowered to the ground.

-Jack the car up off one of the stands just enough to allow removal of the stand. Gently lower the car to the ground. Repeat with the otherside if necessary.

-Tighten all wheel nuts.

-Pack tools away

-Put kettle on :p

I hope that helps. If I've made a mistake or missed something out, let the Staff know and they will edit the post. :)