Ignition barrel, auto to manual swap


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Currently midway through an auto to manual swap on my 1996 reflet x. Ive got everything lined up, the only question i have no answer too is regarding the ignition barrel.

Something to do with the lockout where it only lets you take the key out in park. Ive seen vague descriptions on how to overcome this but wanted someone with more knowledge to confirm it for me.


Had to disable the mechanism on my EP82 auto, pretty sure it's a manual cable that I just disconnected.


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Thanks for that, ive seen the cable going up to it, but havent looking into it to see whats what with it yet. Should be tackling the box side of things this week so wanted to be somewhat prepared.

Ive already fitted the master cylinder and lines just preparing myself for the next phase! If anyone has any photos please throw them up.

The swap has been covered allot of times but i had no luck with the ignition side of things.