JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!


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Hi folks,

Anyone using a JPerformance FMIC kit have any problems fitting a 98 spec front bumper? (EP91 Glanza - 98 spec)

My FMIC is not allowing the bumper to sit anyway close at all without having to cut half the front off..!!

Here is a picture of the kit fitted, no room to push the core or pipes back!!

Need help asap on this before I go and change my FMIC kit.

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If you could take a few pics of it as it sits we might be able to offer something mate. They are a beast of a core unfortunately!


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Gonna try sit the core back flush to the crash bar and see how I get on, fingers crossed it will help a bit.

I'l keep you updated anyway mate, its never easy is it :D


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They are a copy of the HDI cooler mate, people have fitted them without removing the crash bar.

I may start trimming the bumper I think :(