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Grandad fancies heated seats with beef.

Fancy upgrading my daily rough banger audi a3 1.9 tdi, 1st time as a german car it's remapped (lively) luv it, my very 1st car was a datsun 140J with fluffy dice lol then on to Escort mk2 etc...
Last 2 years been dreaming :eek: of driving
Toyota Blade Master G 3.5 liter bit of a sleeper, yes insurance and tax be high plus fuel ⛽.
Thers non for sale in UK that I could see test drive :( looked high and low on net unless get fresh import.
Should I stop dreaming :p and by another Audi A3 diesel but quattro version around 2011.


Here Skiny, remember that stupid big SUV that made your GT look slow a while back?

Yeah, that'll be the 2GR :p
When you think your cars quick :oops: hit the limiter, couldn't escape lol wtf
I remember seeing that now doing the trophy runs:cool: we think we have sleepers Jay :rolleyes: