N.I. meet - 8 December 2013 @ Ballypatrick Forest


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Afternoon folks,

As most of you will be aware, I recently secured a meet in Ballypatrick Forest Park (BFP). The forest features a five mile route through it, mostly tarmac and some gravel, a river also crosses over a tarmacked section of the route. I thought it would be a great idea to hold a meet here, due to the scenery. It also serves as a point of reference for future meets. It has been a lot of hassle to secure this, with various obstacles that had to be overcome.

Ballypatrick Forest Park is run by the Forestry Commission (FC) of Northern Ireland and as such we have been granted special access for the day only. The forest park is not open to public vehicles on 8 December, therefore we will be the only vehicles using the trail. There will still be members of the public such as rambles, dog walkers and families about, so we need cause as little disturbance as possible. On this occassion we are representing both UKSO and TGTT as well as ourselves, so don't let either clubs or yourselves down with questionable behavior.

To make things clear I will lay everything out in sections.


The meeting place is the Centra Westbank in Duncure Industrial Estate (Belfast Harbor). I will be there from around 8:00am, the Centra will be open and serving hot food, so grab a fry while you can.

8:30 - Briefing - this will be done by Jay or myself. It is important that everyone going does attend this.

8:40 - We will make our way round the north side of the docks where there is a single file car park. I though this would be a good spot for a quick photo, as you should be able to get the sea, Cave Hill and of course your EP in the shot.

9:00ish - We will leave for BFP following the below route.

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the M2 ramp to M5/International Airport/Carrickfergus
Merge onto M2
At junction 4, take the A8(M)/A6 exit to Larne/Glengormley
At Sandyknowes Roundabout, take the 4th exit onto A8(M) heading to Larne/Carrickfergus/B90/Glengormley/A6
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Ballynure Rd/A8
Go through 3 roundabouts
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Drumahoe Rd
Turn right onto Ballyhampton Rd
Slight left onto Ballymullock Rd
Turn left onto Brustin Brae Rd
Continue onto Drumnagreagh Rd
Turn left onto Coast Rd/A2
Continue to follow A2
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto The Cloney/A2
Continue to follow A2
Sharp left onto Largy Rd
Sharp right
Turn left
Make a U-turn
Turn right toward Largy Rd
Sharp left onto Largy Rd
Continue onto Garron Rd/A2
Turn right onto Glenariffe Rd/A2
Turn left to stay on A2

It is a total of 53 miles from the docks to BFP, taking the scenic route of course. The satnav estimates it to be 1hr & 30mins, but we may stop to take photographs along the way, should there be a safe place for us to stop. So I'm allowing plenty of time to get there - I would prefer to just cruise up rather than a flat out sprint.

11:30ish - By this stage we should all be at BFP and have had a cup of tea. We will head into the forest for photos, stopping along the way.

1:00ish - Would be a good time to stop for a bight to eat and have a bit of yarn. As you've probably guessed it's packed lunches.

2:00ish - Continue round the trail.

3:30ish - I want to be back in the car park at this stage, with it getting dark earlier. From experience with NILRC the last thing you want is hassle in the forest when it's dark.

4:00ish - Leave for Ballycastle - Gryzor has suggested a nice restaurant for a bite to eat. Of course this is optional, but it would be great to have everyone there.


The cost charged by the Forestry Commission is £3.50, but I am going to ask for £5.00. Reason being this is an excellent spot and the FC run 95% of all forests in N.I. there I feel it would be a good idea to butter them up a bit. Should this meet be a success, I will organise more for next year. It is always good to get to different areas for photos rather than the car park at Eddie Irvine's .

I will of course add receipts for the payment to the FC.

Signup Deadline:

Tuesday 26 December, I need your payment by then along with your full name, car registration and mobile number. Payment to be made by PayPal to Chrisgreen1993@hotmail.co.uk. This has been cleared by UKSO staff & Jay from TGTT. Either send the requested details in the PayPal message or by text to 07791117851.

Lastly by most importantly:

Code of Conduct.

Each member must follow both codes of conduct, due to both clubs being represented. As well as additional ones set out below. Please read very carefully.

Codes of conduct can be found here:

UKSO: Click

TGTT: Click & Click

Additional Rules for BFP

1. No littering
2. Max speed of 15mph - either Jay's car or mine will be used as a 'pace car'
3. No unnecessary revving of engines - we want to cause as little disturbance as possible
4. No shenanigans - general unruly behavior

Additionally, we do not public liability insurance. You enter BFP at your own risk. If you think your car is too low, something might catch or you don't like the look of it. Make another member aware, don't risk it. We will watch you over an area you think might damage your car. If your car gets damaged, tough PERIOD. ( I don't mean to sound sharp, but we cannot have people trying to claim of UKSO, TGTT or FC). Speed limit is kept to 15mph because of this. If a complaint is made by the general public, we will not be granted access to any forest park again, so don't ruin it for everyone. There are no staff members attending from UKSO and we have been entrusted with brand - we cannot have bad press coverage in a local paper. Jay will be attending form TGTT.

I may have left a few things out, so there may be further rules applied. - Club staff feel free to add anything further.

Failure to comply with the code of conduct will result in the exclusion of events organised by Jay or myself.

Please bring a camera and take plenty of photos! Also it will be the middle of winter, bring jackets & waterproofs.

Hopefully we will have a very successful and enjoyable meet for everyone.

Confirmed attending:

Chrisgreen1993/EP91_Chris (paid)
Jay/JayStar77 (paid)
Gryzor (paid)
Greenmachine (paid)
SupaStu (paid)
Vizzioarts (paid)
Hookie663 (paid)
Marc_984 (paid)
Ian Parker (paid)
Sacodetoro (paid)
NIStarbo (paid)
Jamie-GlanzaV (paid)
Ted (paid)
ZurgieSR (paid)
Marble (paid)​


Not going to the beach anymore.
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Yes, I can only underline the fact we are thankful for the opportunity to do something that little bit different to the norm and the onus is on us to represent the clubs accordingly. The Forestry Commission is handing us the keys and trusting us with a substantial amount of forest which is a first. Would really like to make sure it's not a last as well!

Bring your best behaviour folks.

So basically all are welcome, but you will need to forward your details and payment to Chris for what promises to be a cracking photo opportunity amongst the autumn/winter woods.

I still don't think we should be using me as a pace car though lol..



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Sounds good lads, i'll need to see if I can make this one for a change!

I've my Yokohama mud and snow tyres on, so should be able to keep up with the p-race car ok :D

PS. Payment now sent by PayPal.


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Good to hear mate, would be awesome to have a good turnout.

Go it mate, list updated.
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The extra £1.50 has secured your place in Northern Ireland's premier 0-15mph drag event. Eat your heart out bishops court.
I would like to go to this but my eps r off road for winter now and im driving a 306 van which wouldnt look right in a photo shot for eps lol
Banter is officially dead on TGTT now that UK starlet club has taken over

I ended up getting caught speeding on the way home last night man after loosing my wallet too ffs lol
2 huge flashes from the one in Ballyhackamore lol was having a rant about my wallet and sailed past at 40 lol so much for saving money by driving!


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2 huge flashes from the one in Ballyhackamore lol was having a rant about my wallet and sailed past at 40 lol so much for saving money by driving!
that one is a dirt bird, i almost always pass it during heavy traffic so its a non issue, but it makes it easier to forget the VERY odd time the road is clear.

Haha Phil I was just winding, I was bending his ear in ollies last night, that's the only reason I even knew about this lol