Need Kind help to Install AC unit on Glanza 5EFTE setup


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Point 1: I have TD05H turbo setup with WickedEP SS manifold with TIAL wastegate and Scrammer, I have also HDI FMIC, now need kind technical help that how can i install AC, to fix the condenser with cooling fan will be an issue?
Point 2: I am using Toyo Proxxes 195 55 R15 and using KYB shock absorber. But while driving the side wall is touching the body. How can i get rid of the problem


Hi Apu,

The stock aircon condenser sits behind the FMIC so you will possibly find enough space to mount it clear of the cooler but it will largely depend on how far forward the turbo is from the engine. You may have clearance issues in that regard. I'm not 100% sure how much room there is for the stock compressor, it may foul the turbo depending on the kit.

I'm sure Sacha can advise if that particular kit is A/C compatible if you give him a shout.

Any chance of a few pics of the space behind your intercooler just for reference?


Hey Apu, as Jay said a quick message to sacha will confirm if your kit is a/c friendly or not :)
Tyres, I was running 195/50/15 and they rubbed the rear, swapped to a 45 series tyre and it solved the issue, could have done with an adjustable panhard rod too
good advice above
i have a wepr kit which is ac compatible, i told Sacha about this requirement up front and he recommended the appropriate unit for my purposes/set-up before finalizing my order. Space is very tight in the gt/glanza, but a/c is doable with the right set up.

when you bought the kit, did you buy it with a/c in mind?

as Skinny stated, an adjustable panhard rod may be useful to "centre" the back axle after lowering the vehicle. Also, I've had to shave my rear wheel arch lips, back in the day guys rolled them...some people also flare them in very extreme situations. It really depends on how wide you tires are, the offset of the rims, etc.