New to the forum, My Glanza V

Hi guys new to the forum, thourght i would introduce myself and my Glanza V:). I purchased it in october last year after searching for a clean one for a fair while. Its a white 96 spec with 150000km on the clock, imported in 2017. It is pretty much standard barring some aftermarket wheels from japan. I already own a yaris t sport that i use daily but have always wanted a clean Glanza. Really happy with the car and I have lots planned for it. I have a build thread on but might put one on here aswell. I have been reading through a lot of old threads on here and have found it very helpful, lots of useful information available. Hope everyone is well with this COVID situation going on. James
Glanza in port.jpg

DSC_0369.JPG DSC_0436.JPG
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Welcome to the site James, hope it proves useful.

Car looks great, loving the dark wheels/bright white combo :cool:

Feel free to fire up a build thread and if you need any questions answered just shout.

Thanks lads good too see forum still active, Will get a build thread up as ive done quite a bit of work allready. Im planning to keep the ct9 for now and see how i get on, going to do the supporting mods including manifold, exhaust, actuator, boost gauge, front mount intercooler etc. Then i am hoping to get some decent engine management along with a map and go from there:). Also planning on getting a set of tein springs and a rear panhard bar along with polybushing the suspension before getting a proper wheel allignment done. Would like a front mount intercooler but dont really want to cut the prefacelift bumper so may look at getting an aftermarket bumper will see.
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hail sir, the car looks in really good condition...enjoy and take care of it
Good looking glanza I must say! I also purchased a glanza from dcy in 2017 hasn't let me down since! Hope you are enjoying the car :)
Thanks people :) really pleased with how clean the car is for 23 year old! same age as me haha. The underneath especially, just shows how the salt on uk roads can destroy cars over time. Feel free to check out my build thread