Pointless porting a cracked wastegate?


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Hey all,

I am looking at porting my CT9 wastegate as I have it off at the minute. The EP82 is suffering really bad from boost creep due to the relocated air filter, so my idea is just to port the wastegate. BUT it has a little crack. Not too bad and is probably a few mm long.

Is it still worth porting or will i still experience fuel cut due to the crack.

I am going TF35 in a few months but cant live with the cut every time i put my foot down



Certainly worth giving it a go in my opinion, you definitely don't want to be hitting fuel cut as it can do engine damage.


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put a restrictor in the inlet, this is how wrc cars make loads of torque but remain within bhp limits,
it stops over boosting much better than porting the ct9 wastegate which is still too small when ported anyway


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Thanks for the replies,

I already had the tooling to port the gate so I just got on with it and removed a fair chunk of material. Im only running 11psi so porting it was the way to go for me. I spent half a day today porting and polishing the turbo and also ported and polished the stock manifold and got rid of the big blobs of cast in runners 2 and 3. also ported the whole thing out :)

All in all, a very successful day. Its all back together and hold 11psi firm and revs out to redline with not fuel/boost cut whatsoever in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th :)

Heres a few pics

half way through grinding



and then the manifold

runner 3 clear

number 2 clear

all polished and smoothed

and tidied up the collectors a little