Project BadgerSport


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one word to describe this...


lovely stuff mate, what splitter is that off on the front bumper by the way looks 100%


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Read the whole thread from the beginning!

Well done Jay and John! Awesome project! How is the car by the way? Still flying?


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thanks gents.

the full build thread is on UKSC.

splitter is a TTE item, not too many of them about, i only know of 2 others.

still flying indeed, Jay sorted an oil weep and poor brakes this morning as well as a grumpy CV boot. i have a nice part to pay for and collect this week, then the K1 is going back in and she will be back to boosting properly. hopefully next spring will see the return of my Volks 5/4s too.

Very nice

Nice sleeper and i love the colour! Will have to keep my eyes open for that wee starlet cant wait to see it at a few meets! Nicely built jay :drive: