sloppy gearstick.. easy fix


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hey all...since i got my car my gearstick felt sloppy so took decided to get to the bottom of it today.. i started looking at the selector arms and they seemed to be fine but the more i moved them i noticed play at the so called "suger cube"... i took this out and low and behold it was very worn.. luckly the "suger cube" has 4 sides so i turned it to its good side and put it back on and hey presto i have no slop in my gearstick.. such an easy fix for something that seems much more sinister.. another thing ive noticed is that im not getting anymore notchiness in 2nd and 3rd gear and selecting these gears is a pleasent experience now.. im begainning to think this "suger cube" may be one of the reasons why these gearboxes end up grinding so much in 2nd and 3rd as your not engaging these gears properly when the "suger cube" is worn..

pictures are of my old gearbox

gearbox selector arms

heres where the "suger cube" is located.. (red dot)

heres the "suger cube" removed

and this picture shows the wear on the "suger cube".. (this is the actual "suger cube" that was on the gearbox in my car).. it will be worn on opposite face also.. 2 bad sides, 2 good sides.. if 4 faces are worn, just replace...

very simple fix that will give you a more positive gear selection..

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