starlet coilovers

Hi all,

I'm looking for coilovers for a starlet. what makes are good. Need to be good enough for road use. Any recommendations?


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i like tein super streets myself.

meister R are pretty decent too.

most of the D2's BC racing and cheapo ebay coilovers are too hard and overdamped for street use.


Hi buddy,

There's been quite a wide range of coilovers available for the Starlet over the years, the only problem is that most of the used ones on the market now have seen better days. Be very careful when examining used sets as I've seen a number of people waste money on crash-damaged or shagged out parts.

As Duncan says the likes of the more generic brands (D2, K-Sport, etc) are quite solid and harsh for daily roads. I'd agreed that Meister R are a very good choice, I rate them very highly. I've also had very good experience with Cusco Zero1's and TEIN NA's too but they would be nowhere near as available.