Starlet sportif clock swap.

Hi all, looking to put white paseo clocks in my starlet sportif with no tacho.

I have compare the wiring diagram for both cars and have identified which pins need to be swapped over but my main question is the paseo clocks have a pin known as tacho pulse from ECU. Is the a wire which goes into this. I have read that it can be tapped into the IG wire under the diagnostic port. Is there an easier way to do this. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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you can pick it up off the ECU.

when i fitted GT dials to my ep85 with no tacho, i just run a wire down from the clocks to the ECU and it worked fine. i cant remember what the wire was called though, but i found it off a wiring diagram either on this site. i think it was called the IGF terminal. this was about 7 years ago now, so sorry im being a bit vague.
Is the a wire behind the clock as I have read that when putiing sr clocks in a sportif, it is just a case of swapping wires over. I had had to wire from the ECU, what pins would I have to use and where is it located in a ep91 N/a


When i changed the reps clocks for SR ones with rev counter they where just a straight swap, no re-pin or extra wires needed. It was a Soliel model. Worth a try and only takes a few seconds plugging them in/out again.
Tip for clock unit removal, remove the speedo cable at the gearbox to give slack to be able to disconnect cable from back off clocks :)


No mate, if you can get the 3 plugs from the Passo clocks with wire tails on you can compare colours of wires and pin locations and swap them to suit if needs be :)
I have compared the two wiring diagram for both the starlet and the paseo and pin 10 on the A module of the paseo which is the tacho pulse. Looking to know if there is a wire for this or do I need to wire ecu. (Wouldn't know where to start if wire from ECU. Have read that pin A6 is swapped with A10 on the paseo.