Super Car Rally

I was sitting on my deck a few weeks ago an saw a ton of supercars driving up the highway a mind blowing amount to be honest. I jumped in my truck and followed to a town a half hour away ended up at an airport. Snuck into the event pretty much all Asian kids it was incredible was like a child walking around looking at the cars 5 star free buffet food mad to see how the other half live. Any way got some pics and vids of the cars and some of them dragging racing too. Some sound awesome on the runway. Loved the grey 458 and the P1 up close is incredible. The videos are nearly 15 minutes between them give you a sense of how many epic cars were there sensory over load.



Drag clips are near the end of this one


I asked did she come with the car had to be said good ol simpsons



Sweet mother of God..

How the hell do you do it - luck of the Irish or what Corey-san!

Love the ct9 plate.


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Where is this then?

I presumed this was some far away land with that gorgeous landscape??

Lovely cars too, but that landscape though