The EP91 Glanza V - Model Guide


Glanza V (1996-1997)


Toyota felt the time for a fresh chassis was right and released the all new Glanza V in January 1996. Nicknamed 'The Flyer' it offered a more stylish image, higher build quality and increased safety features than the longstanding GT Turbo.

Although the V was based on the new EP91 chassis it retained a lot of components from the EP82 model. This meant that the solid reliability continued to impress the japanese public.

Safety was high on the priority list so the V received side impact bars, roof and chassis strengthening and heavier materials. The resultant weight gain was offset by modifying the turbo slightly to offer more low and mid-range power. At the same time boost was lowered in the lower gears to increase traction and stability, something the earlier GT was criticised for.

The spec lists read very much the same as the GT and standard features included:

Power assisted steering
Adjustable steering wheel
Heated rear window
Intermittent wash/wipe

There was also a higher specification that added central locking and electric windows into the spec sheet.

A great number of optional features were available, many of which are greatly sought after nowadays. It's difficult to give the full list but here is what we can confirm:

Electric Sunroof
Limited Slip Diff equipped gearbox
Climatronic Airconditioning
Recaro interior
Rear strutbrace
Wind deflectors for front windows
Wind deflector for sunroof
Parking guidance light
Roofmounted dehumidifier
Remote central locking
CD player
Stereo Amplifier
Rear speakers
Door mounted speakers
Full carpet mat set
Plastic rear window cover
Antilock brakes
Front airbags
(Please forward any additional info to myself for this list)

There was also the option of changing the five speed manual gearbox for a four speed automatic gearbox if required.

Also a special edition was available : The P-Sports version reduced the spec list and always ran in high boost. No-one is quite sure if it was the 'lightweight' sports approach that the name suggests but everything seems to support this.


Glanza V (1998-1999)


As with the GT that came before it, the Glanza V was given a facelift a few years after release. The model was considered 'soft' looking in comparison to the GT so Toyota decided to make the image more aggressive.

Changes include:

Clear indicators
New rear lenses
Clear brakelight in the spoiler
More aggressive front bumper
Upholstery changed
Red paint added to the paint options

These changes whilst sounding superficial created a much more streetworthy vehicle. It was to be the last evolution of the Starlet Turbo and such a strong look was very fitting.

This ends our look at the Starlet Turbo models but I'd like to think that with the current trend of old models being resurrected by the car industry, the story may continue in the future. I can only hope they will do it justice.