Throttle Pos, sensor,

i will preface by saying i can wire fine, just need to be 100% sure on the below info.

just bought this

as despite my starlet having a haltech 1000 installed, it retained the stock TPS which is either off, or on, OR
more specifically 0% 4% or 100%, resulting in Huge power gaps under certain RPM, OR a jerky feeling on sudden accelerator changes.
it also did this on the stock ecu setup, so im 100% sure its the TPS.

to remedy this,
I Need help with the below picture. as i no doubt will have to wire this shit myself to save $$$. ep82 stock throttle position sensors has 3 wires. as does this sensor i just bought, it also has matching D shape so it'll fit fine.
my understanding so far is this,
on the new sensor it has Ground (Black wire) and Signal output (green wire, this carries the 0 to 5v to tell ecu how open it is), And the Positive (Red wire)

on the old sensor it has Pin 1, "IDL" (yellow-red wire), Pin 2, "E2" Being GND, ( brown wire), And Pin 3 "PSW" (yellow-green wire)

i only know where the ground goes.

The old engine harness was mostly removed except for a few things, such as the TPS wiring, But...
for the love of god. Please tell me i dont have to run new wires.
the 2 remaining wires, Where do i connect them?



If your not sure bud I would ask your tuner or whoever fitted the ECU
Stu on here would probably know try firing him a PM


It'll take someone more clued in than me to advise properly but the IDL pin tells the ECU when the throttle is open and the PSW tells it when the throttle is closed. Fairly simple on/off switch.

The automatic GT and Glanza models switched to a four pin version that was variable so you may need to add a wire to suit the new switch.

Your jerky response issues could be improved by checking that the sensor is set properly, worth setting it to see if it helps?