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Hey guys hope you're all well.

Just wanted to clear the air with this post hope you don't mind. I didn't actually ever do a runner as some have mentioned here, I ran this business back in 2005 with it coming to a close in 2009 and yes mistakes were made I hold my hands up, I was young and inexperienced and realistically took on more than I could chew. The forum owners unfortunately kicked me off before I could actually explain that everyone was either supplied the parts or refunded, and I don't blame them I went missing several times as the business was just too big for me to handle and quite frankly the forum didn't need this hassle, many chances were given.

My only crime was taking too long to supply parts and bad management of what was originally a great business, but I never ran off with people money this simply isn't true, every single order was sorted. I put a lot of time into this forum and strived to give people great customer service, things simply got on top of me & it grew too fast for 1 person just out of his teenage years effectively working from his Mum's spare room. A great shame but we can only learn from our mistakes. I just wanted to put the record straight, I simply sold my car, supplied the missing parts or if folk didn't want the parts I just refunded them. I was £2000 the wrong way at the time just to clarify and as mentioned everything was rectified.

Obviously I am a very public person now so as you can imagine it's not hard to contact me, no one contacted me and I never went into hiding as their was nothing to hide about. I just got into a mess at the time but I would never for one minute steal peoples money, it's just not my ethos or up bringing, I say this 100% respectfully. I still have all my books and paperwork from the time so these are just straight provable facts about the situation hopefully this doesn't come across in a bad way it wasn't my intention etc, no one was left out of pocket.

Hopefully this offers an insight into the actual reality and I can only apologise for the situation back then, to the customers and forum owners.




Your an arsehole and a scammer, do yourself a favour and delete your account before management does, we have no time for folk like you on here :)